4 Modes Of Transport That Will Aid In Your Polar Expedition

Besides the state of the art expedition vessels in which you will navigate the icy polar waters, there are various other forms of transport that will help to make your trip more exciting, enriching and immersive. These may be part of the many shore excursions that are available for travellers to take part in or they may simply be used to enhance everybody’s exploration at the same time.

Whilst you may also get the chance to do some camping, fishing, hiking and skiing; here are four other ways in which you will get to know your frozen surroundings.


Zodiac and Penguins

Whether you are travelling to the Arctic or Antarctica, you will become very familiar with the humble Zodiac during your expedition cruise. These inflatable vessels have a practical use in that they allow the expedition leaders to take people to and from the shore easily, but they are also great for remote exploration.

Whilst only holding limited groups of people at a time, these small boats can zip in and out of caves and inlets, travel across expanses of icy water, and take you as close as possible to marine animals such as whales, seals and walruses. Without Zodiacs, you would not be able to experience these pristine landscapes in anywhere near as much detail.


Helicopter Landing On Ship

Some of the expedition ships on which we offer voyages have space for a helicopter to take off from and land on the back of them. This means that some explorers will get to see what the Polar Regions look like from above. From the North Pole to the Antarctic Peninsula, Helicopter trips can provide a breath-taking viewpoint of the terrain below.

Having a helicopter on board also means that you will get to explore parts of the wilderness that may otherwise be unreachable; allowing more secrets of these wonderful places to unravel before your eyes. Whilst in the Antarctic, helicopters are often used to reach emperor penguin colonies that are living on the dense ice.

Helicopter tours may incur additional charges during your expedition.



During your expedition, kayaks will fulfil a similar role to Zodiacs in the way that they will help you get closer to the environment and wildlife around you. For some, though, paddling in a kayak is slightly more exciting than travelling by Zodiac as you will be the captain of your own ‘ship’ and the master of your own explorations.

By following the experienced expedition leaders you will be able to manoeuvre your way through fjords and tight caves, getting closer to the action than you could ever get by staying on the ship. Many expedition cruise lines, such as G Adventures, will offer you the chance to use kayaks throughout the duration of your journey instead of accessing the shore via the Zodiacs.

Kayak use may incur additional charges.

Hot Air Balloon

50 Years Of Victory and Hot Air Balloon

The majority of people will never get to fly in a hot air balloon at all during their life, let alone ride in one over the awe-inspiring landscape of the North Pole. Giant glaciers and enormous icebergs will be shrunk in size as you float above the surface of the ice in celebration of your arrival at the top of the world. Knowledgeable experts will be able to point out certain points of interested and there will be no chance of you floating off into the wilderness as you will be tethered to the ground at all times.

These fantastic hot air balloon rides are offered by Quark Expeditions during their trips to the North Pole. They may only be available for a selected few adventurers, will occur additional charges and are always subject to favourable weather conditions.

If you would like to take part in any of these activities then our team of experts can help arrange your polar adventure. All expeditions which include these various experiences are listed on the relevant activity pages of the website, but you can always call to enquire in person.

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